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  1. WinstonD

    HELP w Landis 16 Stitcher

    SilverD, Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Cant wait to hear how this machine turns out! WD
  2. WinstonD

    HELP w Landis 16 Stitcher

    SilverD, Just saw your post on replacing cams and NO, did not take the machine apart as it looked to be in great shape!
  3. WinstonD

    HELP w Landis 16 Stitcher

    Hi SilverD, The head was in great shape & purchase the wax pot & guides that came with it and sum covers & bobbins from Johns Custom Leather shop they can get parts. But cant get the machine dialed in very well to stitch. I have a complete setup now but not sure the needle & bobbin/carrier are synced up.
  4. WinstonD

    HELP w Landis 16 Stitcher

    Thanks Tom appreciate your help!
  5. Hello fellow Leatherworkers, I recently acquired a Landis 16 Stitcher that needed sum parts & got those & now needing some help getting the machine to work & dialed in! Would love to speak or communicate with someone who currently has a Landis 16 that has it dialed in correctly & has good insights on how to maximize this BEAST! Thanks, WD