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  1. Hello everyone, I am the seller of this machine, I posted the original topic on this forum a month or so ago and have been maintaining the craigslist posting. For those who are interested the machine is still available. It only has one needle installed in the photos because I was last using it for single row stitching. As set up it will do double row by simply installing a second hook and awl (several are included). It can also be easily modified with a handful of parts from Puritan to do triple row as the machine has all the necessary spool stands, wax pot bushings, etc. and would only need the triple anvil and hooks. I picked this up some time ago at an auction from a large shoe manufacturer in Portland and have been using it for hobby projects. We're moving now and just need it out of the basement hence the very reasonable price. Feel free to contact me through this forum or the craigslist post if interested. Thanks!
  2. That would be important, wouldn't it! Asking $1,200 in Portland, Oregon. Complete with stand, controller, manuals, etc.
  3. Selling an almost new Puritan chain stitch machine in Portland Oregon. Low post model, mounted to a work table with belt drive motor, foot pedal and controller. Very clean and in perfect working order. I am told these can be changed to single or triple needle configuration with minimal parts which are available from Puritan. Will take some photos this week but the machine is exactly as pictured in "NS 8100 Auto Low Post Complete" in the link below: http://puritanindustries.net/lpost.htm Thanks, ~Kevin