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  1. Hello everyone! This is my first post though I've been a member and stalking y'all for a while lol!!. I'm a newbie to sewing on sewing machines. I purchased the Techsew 2750pro with the SS-1121-P Servo almost a year ago. When it arrived my fiancée helped with the heavy lifting (I'm 4"11) an we set it up. In the same week I discovered i was about to embark in a years worth of health problems & treatments that would make me put the very expensive (financed) industrial sowing machine aside. This week I thread the bobbin and the needle from the techsew videos. The issues I'm having is that I cant obtain the control and extreme slow speeds I see in all the videos online. I have tried turning the speed down to the lower setting even the lowest 500. I don't think the automatic needle positioning is on as well. I'm just not experienced in what I'm looking at or for that. I've tried many times on sample pieces of leather. I tried to load a video to show the slowest it will go feathering the pedal but they are all to large of files.I called Sewing Machines Plus the Vendor I purchased it from an was less than impressed with the help I was attempted to obtain. She said she would call Techsew about my problem and let me know. that was last week. I feel like I could be over looking something completely common sense to the more experienced. I'd really appreciate any input at all!! Thanks guys!! Stefanie
  2. Im new to all of this completely with that being said Im having a hard time pulling the trigger on a sewing machine for a new leather dog collar/accessories business. I'd need thick as in 8oz leather for large breeds primarily. Im circling around the Cobra class 4 and others in its class. I was completely convinced I was going with the Techsew 5100 until I realized there wasnt that much multi media presents via troubleshooting and saw several comments that the manual was lacking. I think one of my biggest anxieties is also learning on the job. Big investment for a trade Im not famillar with. Only sewing by hand so far. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Stefanie
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