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  1. Thanks Alexander. I figured this type of machine would help...doing it by hand would take hours.
  2. So I don't skive the edges of my leather when constructing bags. Its not easy - but I wonder if it would look better and be easier to construct if I invested in a bell skiver? You can see the thickness in the pic. Its 4.5 oz veg tan -
  3. Well the new needles didn’t make any difference. I just ground down the middle of the feed dog with a dremel and that seemed to help a lot. Little more grinding and there will be no marks left at all.
  4. @CowboyBobI am officially an idiot. Apparently the needles I used were 135x17, which I now know is a fabric size. I had assumed they had leather tips but they did not. Just bought some 135x16 tri tip needles and I hope that will solve the blow through problems. Thanks all -
  5. Yeah I’m am using leather needles @Matt S . I think you’re right, it’s could be the leather getting crimped into the feed dog hole. I’ve got the tension completely unscrewed so not sure what else I could do to reduce tension other than raising the feet? I did increase bobbin tension a lot before. Wonder if that could cause something like this.
  6. Thanks for that explanation @Matt S. With your help I have lowered tension to an acceptable level and tightened needle thread tension. Stitches look much better, but I am still getting those 'blowthrough' marks. Not sure how to deal with those suckers yet.....
  7. Finally got the top stitches perfect and now the bottom side looks like this. Have a normal feed dog/plate on a consew 206rb. Should I get a Teflon feed dog or grind something down? The stitches don’t look great either...
  8. Looks like it was just due to foot height. Material wasn’t being pulled evenly. Now I am dealing with this issue - the underside of my leather is getting all marked up. Wonder if I have to grind Dow something or whether my tension is all messed up. Stitches dont look great either.
  9. Hi all - I've found this board to be a tremendous help as I learn the craft of working with leather on my Consew 206Rb. I am having a problem though, and I wondered if anyone knew a workaround. My machine is currently stitching nicely both forward and reverse at a consistent speed. However, when I slow down, the stitch length becomes much shorter. I am not sure if I misadjusted the feet and its not pulling the material through properly or what. Sound familiar?
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