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  1. Jonv

    Tannery wanted

    Definitely Pergamena New York!!!!
  2. Wanted: Kwikprint any model
  3. Wanted: manual clicker, weaver mighty wonder or Lucris
  4. Wanted: weaver mighty wonder or lucris manual clicker
  5. Wanted, Weaver mighty wonder or lucris manual clicker press.
  6. Hello, is this still available? I'm in Hamilton Ontario.
  7. Hi Uwe, I have 2 adler 268s. Can I sew harness leather 2 layer of 7 oz? Or is this pushing the limit. I don't want to abuse these machines.
  8. How do I get these feet and needle plate?
  9. Help please, I'm considering the purchase of a pfaff 136-6/2BS but can find no info on it. I want it for boot uppers. What are it's abilities in terms of thickness it can sew, thread size. Are parts available and where? There is a good you tube video of a 134 0 6 that appears identical. It says parts are largely compatible with singer 31-15.
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