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  1. I have been researching machines for a few weeks and the CB outlaw has caught my eye. I love the fact that its manual, I can take it to shows or events where power could be an issue. The construction is definitely appealing as well the cast iron ought be sturdy enough even I can mess it up too bad . Lastly the claim that it can peirce so thick a stack of leather is great. All that said I haven't seen many reviews by users and I have a few questions. 1. How reliable is it? Does it need to be messed with a lot and if so what is the main issue you have? 2. Does it live up to the claims made by the company? 3. Is it a machine I could learn on without going mad or is there another machine you might recommend that is comparable? I'm open to buying an old/ refurbished machine if people can vouch for a certain model. Thanks for your assistance I appreciate any guidance y'all can give.
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