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  1. softpaws2

    Juki 1341 Places to Oil

    To: JJN Thank you SO MUCH!!! This Juki manual is different from the one my dealer sent to me. The manual you posted for me is EXACTLY what I needed to locate the places that need to be oiled. I have downloaded the manual for future use and reference. I'm sorry it took so long to get back to let you know that you're a lifesaver. softpaws2
  2. This is my first post on the forum. I have tried to read all the rules, and I have searched the topic "Juki 1341 oiling points." If I have been looking in the right places on this site, I do not think I have located what I need. So I need help, please. I just purchased a new SEWPRO 1341 cylinder arm machine. It is a clone of the Juki 1341. Neither the manual that came with my machine, nor the Juki 1341 manual that my dealer emailed to me have good information about ***where*** to oil the machine. There are some spots (holes) on the machine that have red paint on them, and I assume these are key places to drop oil. However, the manual for my previous cylinder arm machine (an Artisan 335 B BT) indicated several more places than shown by red marked holes that should be oiled. I have several vintage Singer domestic machines and know all the places that should be oiled or greased, and I can get at those places without difficulty because I have original manuals and adjuster's guides for them. I'm a little afraid to take off any covers to look at or get to the interior of this new SEWPRO 1341 machine. If I mess something up, it's a 3 1/2 hour drive to my dealer for any repair. The manual I have for my new SEWPRO 1341 and the Juki 1341 manual are not much help. Can anyone here provide pictures - - perhaps with arrows pointing to places - - that should be oiled on my SEWPRO 1341? If it isn't already obvious from my post, I should tell you that I am pretty new to using an industrial machine and have only made a few handbags and backpacks with leather. I want to take good care of this machine because it's probably the only heavy duty machine I'll ever have. I'm a female sewer, slightly past retirement age, in north central, Pennsylvania, and my sewing training came from my mother who taught home economics for 34 years.