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  1. Thanks guys I now have it on good authority that both machines are available supplied set up with synchronised binders upon request and that it's significantly cheaper to have it supplied that way and buy seperate foot and feed dog to go with it for regular sewing than it is to have the machine supplied with regular foot and dog and to then add synchronised arm, foot and dog retrospectively as a part number! The narrow arm of the 669 and its ability to utilise finer threads has been the deciding factor for me. However if anyone has an opinion on fixed binders vs. synchronised then I'd very much like to hear them as if a fixed binder would work well enough then I could make do with one of a range of cheaper machines for now and not worry about the synchronisation function.
  2. Hi Folks, This is my first post on here, though I've been using the forum as a part of my research into machines for a couple of months now. I'm taking production to the next level and require a machine more suited to the work than my Mitsubishi LY2-3750 flat bed. I'll be producing a range of products including OBT belts, notebooks, wallets, Deer skin falconers gloves (multiple layers up to 3/8"), satchels and the like, as well as codura bags, rucksacks and the occasional PVC pocket up to 400gsm. I do not have any need for thread heavier than a Tkt 20 / Tex150 and the finest I'd be using would be a Tkt 65 / Tex 45. I've narrowed it down to a choice between the Durkopp Adler 669 or the slightly heftier 869 model. In my mind I prefer the 669 due to its narrower diameter arm and I believe it to be better suited to sewing with finer threads than its bigger counterpart, but as I will be doing a lot of double fold binding I have been advised to go for the 869 as it has synchronised binding capabilities... now' my main question is this; Is the synchronised binding function all that much more of an advantage to a regular fixed position folder and if so, how/why? Are there any other advantages or disadvantages to either machine given what I will be using it for? I know I'd be better off with a machine for each task, but that's not an option at this stage. If you need more information than I've provided then please ask and I'll do my best to fill in the gaps. Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated, including any recommendations for suppliers in the UK Thanks in advance!
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