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  1. rino4578

    leather piping stamp

    Yes thanks.
  2. rino4578

    leather piping stamp

    Anyone know where to pick up a stamp that can do a piping look. I have a belt to make and the borders need to have a piped look. It can be done by hand but a stamp would make things go quicker.
  3. Thanks again Tugadude - I did not know that. Fortunately the leather I purchased was a strip of veg tan 8/9oz not genuine leather. Wonder how many people see Genuine leather and asume its the best because of it. I know until recently (a few minutes ago) I assumed it meant it was good leather.
  4. Thanks to everyone for the advise. Tugadude I feel like you're right, I think I'll design a test collar and put it on my livestock dog for a few months and see how it holds up. In the meantime I think we'll go with the more traditional approach for those who want the leather collars (riveted and tone down the design a bit) Off topic but I've noticed since looking in to this that there is a TON of stuff on the internet that specifies genuine leather but is clearly not. Especially when it comes to dog collars and leather jackets (not sure why leather jackets kept popping up in my searches.lol)
  5. Hello, My wife runs a small business crafting custom pet supplies and the majority of her business is rhinestone collars. She almost daily gets requests to make a design on real leather. The problem with that is I've done (very Little) leatherwork in the past and 1 thing I remember from my experience is in general you cant glue things like rhinestones or conchos and such and expect them to stay. I know you can attach rhinestones by riveting or using the prong type but I'm talking about ALOT of rhinestones. Her customers want ALOT of rhinestones! Lol. I've attached and image of one of her collars in FAUX leather to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Any way to duplicate this on leather without riveting/using prongs. The one i've attached is one of her simpler designs. She has some that have hundreds of tiny rhinestones that run down the sides. Thanks in advance for your help.