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  1. @tofu Thanks for the reply. You’re right, prioritizing the materials and feel/size is better and I can always get it sharpened if needed. @jcuk Thanks for the recommendation, I checked it out and sent them an inquiry regarding duties and postage to US (didn’t give me an estimate at checkout). Thanks! @bikermutt07 Thanks for the info, that makes me feel a lot more confident in purchasing a knife sourced from China. I think this will probably be what I purchase this weekend if I can’t find anything else worthwhile around the same price point. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the recommendation BikerMutt, appreciate it. Is this brand of notable quality? Looks great for what I need, I’ve been burned by tools from China before though that I’m overly cautious when it comes to quality. But if it checks out I wouldn’t mind giving them a shot.
  3. Hello all, Beginner looking for head knife to make small accessories (wallets, notebooks) up to 10oz leather pieces (bags, etc). I'm looking for a head knife in the range of 100mm - 160mm in width to get me through the learning years, nothing too fancy just something to get started that'll keep its edge better than the Al Stohlmans from Tandy. Willing to pay over paypal, I live in San Francisco, CA. Thank you,
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