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  1. spinaround

    for sale Singer 29K-70

    Selling a Singer 29K-70 patcher machine in excellent working order. Manufactured between 1936-7 in Scotland as far as I can figure. It has a wax pot, small bobbin. Used to sew boots, shoes, harness and canvas.Sewing head rotates 360o by turning revolving wings. Treadle power, side and front drive shaft, original drawer and manual. Material moves by feeding foot. New shuttle. several pkgs of new needles, several bobbins and spare parts. Asking $1,000 USD . Will bring to Canadian /USA border at Pembina and Emerson or pick up near Winnipeg.
  2. spinaround


    Thanks all for your help. Guess I better load it up and take it to my brothers in Houston. It is a straight shot down I-29. The difference in cash (CA vs US pricing plus exchange) would pay for the trip :-\
  3. spinaround


    I have a Singer patch machine 29K 70 that I'm wanting to sell but don't know how much to charge . It's in very good running condition, has treadle base, lots of new needles, new shuttle.
  4. spinaround


    My email is rosegerbasi at xxxx dot xxx Is what I'm supposed to do? This is my first forum thing ever. Thanks for responding.
  5. spinaround


    We have just purchased and Adler 3-70 patch machine. (used) I know how to sew on a home sewing machine so know how to thread that kind of bobbin, but am having difficulty getting the bobbin thread to be picked up by the needle thread. I have instructions from a singer 29K70 which is very similar. ( have that machine a well. ) Can anyone give me a hint as to what I'm doing wrong that i can't get the bobbin thread up and ready to use.