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  1. Thanks!. Working on my next pair!
  2. Thanks for the positive comments. Regarding the things I had the most difficulties with, I think it was translating what I see in my existing boots to patterns that might replicate and tweak what I wanted. In the end, I learned that it was important to get this right in order to properly last the uppers. Additionally, I'd say once the uppers were all put together, the need to build the soles was intimidating. That's when I reached out for help. I was lucky in that the bootmaker I reached out to was impressed enough that he went completely out of his way to help, even supplying the soles and heels to get the job done... at no cost, other than a bottle of scotch (and he poured me some of his scotch and beer too). With all that done, my plan is to tweak my patterns and perfect my next pair. I already have some Horween horsebutt and Japanese buckles all ready.
  3. Jones and Vining They have many more options and can guide you if you send them photos of what you’re trying to make.
  4. Because it was a “learning” project, I just bought them on eBay of all places. Think they’re the same ones as on Amazon. The leather really isn’t anything special. If you have a local leather supplier, they probably carry what you’d need. As for resources, I found this one helpful: I’d also research the various types of sole construction as there are many for different applications. I ended up using something different from the one shown in the link.
  5. Haha! Thanks! Honestly, I started with no expectation that I’d end up with something wearable. I bought larger pieces of “scrap” leather and used cheap buckles. There are mistakes which I expected to make and I did this to learn. Had to restart at one point due to an oversight. The fact I got something wearable was a bonus. Here’s some progress photos and me wearing them!
  6. Haha. No. I mostly did this myself, after researching on the internet. Got some help from a local boot maker when things got tougher.
  7. My first leather project and I decide to make this. LOL!