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  1. Ha. No... but I've actually thought about it! Just a lot of expensive material to screw up on! LOL!
  2. Thank you. The black harness boots are my fifth pair. The brown engineers were my second. I have a pair of black engineer boots that were an evolution and my favourite.
  3. I actually started because I realized how much I was willing to spend on decent boots and thought, "I'm handy! I wonder what it would take to make my own?" I then looked for some resources online to understand the process and once I understood the basics from start to finish, I just decided to try it. There was one decent post I found on Imgur https://imgur.com/a/VGPyZ where a guy basically did something similar that I found very helpful in understanding the process. I basically looked at the nicer boots I owned (the style I wanted to tackle) and mentally dissected the components, figuring out how the parts were put together. I got a few basic tools to get started. Hand cut the pieces and just started assembling. A must-have tool would be lasting pinchers. You'd also need a leather sewing machine (most importantly, a post bed machine... which I had access to). You don't need to wet the leather for lasting (shaping on the last). The top is a skived strip of leather, sewn and then rolled over the top. These are Horween CXL but with a bit of research, you can find out what types of leather are typically used for good boots. Weight would be 5-6oz (or a bit lighter or heavier, depending on the type of boots you are making (dressier vs work). Hope that helps. By the way, these are the second boots I made. Each time, I've refined a bit more. Thanks! But I'm pretty sure Angelina Jolie wore different boots. LOL!
  4. Thanks! Yeah, my first leather project and I decided to make boots. LOL! And now they're done!
  5. Thanks! It’s been a fun learning process. the uppers are machine stitched with a post-bed Adler machine I have access to. excited to finish them!
  6. So, this is the fifth pair of boots I am making. The previous four pairs were an evolution of engineer boots and so I decided to make some harness boots this time. They are ready for the midsole, soles, and heels!
  7. Hey, just saw your post. It’s a synthetic last with a hinge. Originally started as a longer, narrower lace-up last. I sanded down the toe to make it the rounder shape I wanted, as well as flattened it a bit. I’ve since refined it a bit more and will send it back to the manufacturer to get it properly made. As for the machine, it’s an Adler post-bed I have access to at the shop. I’ve further refined the style and when I get the new last, plan to make up some new ones.
  8. It's a hand-modified last from a mexican manufacturer that my bootmaker friend hooked me up with.
  9. You mean the nails? Reinforcement to hold side of vamp/heel cup to insole and half-sole to midsole.
  10. The only really good machine is a post-bed Adler leather sewing machine. Otherwise, a hydraulic sole press, a MacKay stitcher, and sanding/buffing machine. Hand cut pattern that I designed, hand lasted, hand channeled insoles, hand welted, etc.
  11. This is my fourth leather project and fourth pair of boots. Each time has incorporated new techniques and tweaks. So far, I’m the most pleased with these.
  12. This is my fourth leather project and fourth pair of boots. Each time has incorporated new techniques and tweaks. So far, I’m the most pleased with these.
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