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  1. Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for the great advice as I have grown into the addict that I now am. I currently have 3 industrial machines to complement my 4 home sewing machines, but have a conundrum. I pride myself on having a sewing machine for every possible situation. The Nakajima for the big stuff, the PFAFF 138 for the...well...everyone needs a 138, the Singer 31-15 (can't really justify this one with having the 138), the Adler 87 for smaller stuff (probably the best home machine ever), the 60's Japanese ZZ with a new 1.5amp motor for playing around, the Domestic 153MG at 20lbs. for traveling, and the youngest machine I have ever owned; the Bernina 1260. It has letters so my daughter can make bracelets . I have found a really good deal on a PFAFF 545, but I just purchased the machine that I have wanted for quite some time; the Nakajima 280L. Its a great machine. I put a new servo on it and it will sew through more than I will ever need. Problem is, I think the wife will leave me at a 4th industrial machine. I can't even park in the garage right now. Is it worth picking up a fully functional 545 for $200 with a new table? Should I buy it and unload the Nakajima or just let someone else get the great deal?