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  1. Thanks. I really just want a nice sheen. Not necessarily a gloss. Great options. i'll head down to the store to see if I can see examples.
  2. @blue duck I'm not sure. It was a large piece of scrap in a bin at my local leather store. :-( Does that likely mean it won't shine up if it's a certain type of leather?
  3. Hi All! I just finished my first piece of work (picture of me holding the wallet). I came across this picture of a wallet when i was looking for inspiration and i just want to know if there is a product i can use to "buff/shine" the leather i used for my wallet. Maybe it's not possible because of the type of leather i used, but i'm hoping that's not the case. I just really like the sheen on this wallet and would like to apply it to my wallet. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Wallet finish i'd like to do with mine (Click here to see a pic)