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  1. I agree 100% after reading yours and others comments, there will be some definite simplifying done on the badge and it will likely be just the badge instead of the whole challenge coin, Thanks again for all the advice!
  2. Thankyou very much for pointing out the several things that i definitely didn't take into account and giving me a good idea of tools, also the laser engraving is something i will look into as well i never even thought about doing something like that! Also yes it is way too cold here in Rexburg, especially coming from southern California it's a miracle I've survived my three years here haha but small world for sure! No worries at all, I appreciate realistic advice any day. I will start with skulls and some basic techniques. Any ideas on other basic ideas to get the basics down?
  3. Hey everyone, so I recently posted about not having a swivel blade or any stamping/camouflage tools and I’m hoping to change that. The responses I got were primarily to buy tools for each project and build up the tools as I go. I figured out a project that I want to carve into leather for some guys I work with. It will be a challenge coin logo on a field notes notebook cover and I will possibly add an eagle or something American to the background. So if anyone can point me towards the tools needed for this project I would greatly appreciate the advice, I will post a picture of the challenge coin I am planning on carving. Also I will likely use the Barry King Tools unless I get other suggestions.
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone! So I’m looking to carve something like this. police challenge coins, badges, etc but this one will probably be my first. Any good ideas on what tools will get me through this project?
  5. I’m not exactly sure if it’s Sheridan style or not but I’m hoping to carve badges and skulls etc so not so much flowers or floral but more of items and pictures. I think I’ll find a design tomorrow and add it in to see if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, I hope this hasn't been covered yet but I'm sure it has and I just cant find it. I have been leather working for a while now but mostly making wallets, holsters, keychains etc. without any tooling or carving. I'm now looking to get into the carving aspect of leather working and would primarily be doing tooling and carving on wallets or holsters and mostly figures such as the Police Field Notes Covers that someone posted recently with badges etc. on them. I am going to get a Barry King as I have his awl and really like his tools. I'm mostly lost on what size swivel knife and blade and angle and also what kind of stamps, shaders i will need as well as the sizes. I'm very new to this so sorry if I'm not aware of the correct terminology etc. Thanks, Bransen
  7. Hey everyone, I was looking at buying a new side of leather and am really liking the look of the Wickett and Craig Traditional Harness leather in Russet color. I am curious if this leather will be suitable for making gun holsters that are wet molded or if the waxes will make that hard to do. Thanks for any input!
  8. Wow thanks everyone, this group has such much knowledge. The 5100 has a buyer coming today but if he doesn’t take it then I think I’ll jump on it!
  9. Hey everyone, I’ve got a quick question about some Techsew machines. I have a 2750 on order right now that’s just waiting to be shipped and I will primarily be doing wallets and cardholders but also want to do holsters and some gun belts. I recently came across a Techsew 5100 SE for sale at a very good price actually quite a bit less than the 2750 I’m buying and would definitely go for it but I’m new to sewing machines and just wonder a few things. Some of the wallets I make are under 6oz of leather all together and the Techsew website says the 5100 seed from 6oz to 7/8” thick. So this might be a stupid question but would the 5100 not work for smaller goods such as wallets and cardholders? Or is there a way to make it work? Thanks for any advice!
  10. @blue62 that’s great advice, Thankyou! I’m glad I’ve been saving all of my scraps!
  11. Hi Everyone, I just pulled the trigger on a Techsew 2700 Pro with the speed reducer and am now wondering how I learn to sew, is it pretty much the same as sewing fabric just on a bigger scale or do i need to learn specifically for leather. My mom sews fabric and she could teach me the basics if they work hand in hand. If they don't work hand in hand is there any good tutorials on sewing leather or any tutorials online that would help me being that I am brand new to sewing leather all together? I am looking to sew primarily holsters, wallets, and hopefully bags soon as well, thanks in advance!
  12. Is this still available? Where at in SoCal?
  13. Bransen111

    Cowboy 3200

    Is this still available? And do you have pictures?
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