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  1. Hi all, I hope to find some help here. I recently got my hands on a Mayer-Flamery leather splitter for a few bucks. It is a nice machine but there is one big problem, it is missing al the brass parts. I would like to restore the machine and bring here back to live but then i need a way to remake these. Is there someone here who also has such a machine and can provide me with info like sizes, tread of the bolts etc? That would be really helpfull and much apriciated. I have no idea how to post pic’s here but hope the link to the pictures work. Thanks!
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    Hi all, I’m new here. I don’t call myself a leatherworker but more a jack of all trades. My name is Peter-Paul, 43 years young and live in the eastern part of the Netherlands. I do some small leatherwork like belts and stuff but I also like to do some woodwork, welding, restore old tools and just recently purchased an anvill and forge to try some blacksmithing. In my freetime I like to mountainbike or go camping. The reason why i’m on this site is that i recently got my hands on a Mayer-Flamery leather splitter but it’s missing all the brass parts. I hope that i find someone here who can help me out with some data/sizes for the parts, so i can bring this machine back to live. Cheers Peter-Paul