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  1. sounds like a good idea. I've decided to purchase the plain holster, disassemble it, and use it as a pattern to create my own. This way, I could make several and sell them to people as replicas! They'll be practically the same, just without the logo stampings obviously. I think people would prefer this to paying up to $1000 for an actual holster.
  2. Hi, I'm in the process of making my own swivel holster, modelled of the TeX Shoemaker 42A holster. I have however run into a bit of a fix, as I can't seem to figure out where to purchase this swivel. Could you guy please lend me a helping hand and enlighten me? I've circled the swivel into the picture attached.
  3. No problem, I'm in Queensland, Australia.
  4. I'm located in Queensland, Australia What brand of holster was the one you have?
  5. In regards to buying the swivel, what would I search to find it? I think I'll go with what all of you suggested and just use the holster as a pattern and make a new one.
  6. Thanks for all of the responses guys! I've decided to purchase the holster, unstitch it, and try as best as i can to stamp and dye the leather using the pattern of the holster. My only question: should I use something like saddle soap to soften the holster and get it flat so that i can copy the pattern?
  7. I've been looking for a particular basketweave holster made by Tex Shoemaker (the model being 42A) , but have been discontinued and are thus super rare to find. I have however found the same holster but without the basketweave pattern for much cheaper. This got me thinking, is there a way to un-stitch the holster and flatten it out (maybe using something like saddle soap to makethe leather soft), and use a basketweave stamping tool to make the basketweave pattern, stitch it back up, and shape the holster using my revolver. Do you guys think this would wok? I'm new to leathercrafting and i don't want to spend $150 odd on a project that is doomed. I have attached photos of the two photos so you can see what i'm talking about.