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  1. Yes! Thank you Wizcrafts. I see how great the boots turn out.
  2. Artuu, thank you. I was thinking I can create shoe uppers without spending $2300 for the top and bottom synchronized wheel feed. A Yamata 810 is basically the cheaper version of your Pfaff? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamata-GC-FY-810-Sewing-Machine-Post-Bed-Roller-feed-lamp-Servo-Motor-Table-DiY/323816025433?hash=item4b64f06d59:g:yfIAAOSwcdBWTJjD&frcectupt=true
  3. Hi Wiz, thanks. This is the best machine I have found for shoe uppers- you recommended it. It has all of the features I need but I am on the fence about getting a double needle vs. a single needle. It seems like the double needle may be installed in a slightly different position than the single needle and there may be less of a working space when I remove one needle of the dbl needle vs using a single needle. This looks like the trade-off. Maybe the safe bet is a single needle?
  4. Thanks Mike and Wizcrafts. You are both correct. Maybe I can exchange or I will need to resell and buy a newer model with the large bobbin. It takes patience because alot of the sellers want local pick up only and they are up north ( I am in Miami). I wish I still lived near Detroit, I am sure I can find one up there. I made a mistake by assuming all 29Ks had the same bobbin size.
  5. Thank you Mike. I see now that a conversion would be impossible.. I hope I can stitch one shoe per bobbin and go with the T70 bonded for these patch jobs.
  6. Yes it en route, but it was built in 1939 so I am taking it to my repair shop here in Miami. It is a 29K. I attached a pic of the exact machine. Maybe I got lucky and they converted it? Thank you so much for taking the time to help me here.
  7. Thank you so much. I read your buying guide and I am glad I waited to do the research because thread size does matter. Some of the post bed with top and bottom roller feed have #138 as their largest thread like this Cowboy 8810 http://www.solar-leather.com/cb8810
  8. Thanks again. I was referring to creating/sewing the uppers together and you send me the link from Ron to the awesome TechSew 830-2-R Post Bed Roller Feed- it handles #23 to #92 for stitching shoe uppers, I think #92 is strong enough and they the stitches are visible enough. For my sidewall patching jobs I will use a Singer Cobbler machine. This Techsew has everything I want. Of course I want it all for less than $2700
  9. Thanks so much Wizcrafts. On thread size, the machine can handle thread sizes #23 to #92. Do you that #92 is thick enough to assemble shoe uppers like the Air Jordans in my photo. 2-3 layers of leather. Thanks alot!
  10. Ron thanks so much. I am learning alot here. With a double needle machine, you still have the single needle option?
  11. Thanks everyone, I appreciate all of the responses.
  12. Thank you Alexis. That is interesting that they are using like the custom LV logos on saddles.
  13. Yeah cowboy boots are eons ahead of these shoes, I am making them to sell and make $75 a pair. Maybe the heavier thread would work or a different color. I think the people buying them aren't as picky as we are because there is a lot of room for improvement, but kids are spending an extra $100 to have fake fashion fabric on their Vans.
  14. Guys, look at the 2nd shoe in the photo and the detail. It looks great to me. It is made completely by hand by Japanese cobbler. I don't think he made these with the Singer Patcher.
  15. For the rest of the comments, I am laughing because I think ignorance is bliss. I am the blissful and ignorant one LOL!! Hilarious. Obviously I am am so green I know if I stick with this I can look back at this thread and laugh at myself trying to sew fake vinyl onto a cheap shoe.
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