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    San Antonio resources?

    Hi all- I'm a brand-new forum member, but I've been reading a ton and learning so much from y'all. Thank you! I'm trying to rely on searches so I don't ask questions that have already been answered. The main thing that comes up regarding tools is that it's best to try before you buy (I agree!) So I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of "shows" in San Antonio, TX? I don't know exactly what to search for. Do tool suppliers have booths at the rodeo? Special events throughout the year? I'm sure this huge South TX city has more to offer than just Tandy ;) Currently I have a collection of Craftool stamps and misc other stuff that's probably mediocre in quality. I did recently get a Barry King swivel knife. Yessssss! I want to stop buying low and mid-range tools and instead focus on a small quality collection. I'm an artist, and I have an artist residency coming up this summer at Kansas City Art Institute. I'll be focusing on product design and am considering using leather as the main media. I'm pretty solid in drawing/painting skills, bookbinding, printmaking, and I have a laser cutter. But a newbie with leather! I've been experimenting with a mish-mash of techniques and combinations of traditional and modern mixed-media. I'd love honest critique of my work (you won't hurt my feelings- I want to learn) Will a better beveler help smooth out those edges? Or is it more a matter of practice? I'd imagine a little of both... The first project I did a while back to learn techniques was this piece for my Viking Halloween costume. More recently I've been making guitar straps and books. Thanks in advance for any help with local resources and/or pointers on my work!