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  1. Like gary said, Ohio Travel Bag is good. Generally, much better pricing than Buckleguy. Abbey England and Abas Fashion Accessories both look high quality, but a bit on the expensive side.
  2. I use friction to apply wax until I can feel a little stickiness on the edge with my finger. Then buff with canvas; denim should also work fine. I buff it pretty hard, getting the edge to heat up a bit. And once it looks pretty good, I'll go back over the edge with just a tiny amount of water, just a couple drops. Smooths out the wax perfectly, resulting in a shiny finish.
  3. Mike, Harder waxes will result in shinier edges. Beeswax is soft (relatively) and doesn't polish to a glossy finish. I've started using a product called Columbus Edge Wax; very hard and shines up great with a bit of canvas. I apply it after burnishing with water and tokonole.
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