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  1. Hi all,  I have a couple of questions about getting parts for my Mitsubishi CU865.  This is a machine that was sewing heavy felt filters before I got it and I am still trying to get it tuned to do an acceptable job with leather.  If my research is correct, these are really designed more as a binding machine, so the bottom feed dog only goes back and forth?  I really like the machine, though it was not my first choice, the price was right, it was local, and it has a programable servo and eps (which were on my "must have" list).  My biggest issue right now is that the bottom feed dog has really aggressive teeth and it leaves tracks that are unacceptable for me.  I understand that any machine will leave some tracks, but these leave actual teeth marks.  I am looking for a smooth feed dog or a hack to reduce the marking.  I have already loosened the presser foot tensions as much as I can. 


    From what I can gather, this machine is very similar to a Pfaff 335 or some of the older necchi machines.  I am having trouble finding parts for this model of machine.  Will the pfaff 335 parts interchange for the most part, or is there a good source to get Mitsubishi parts in the US?  Any help or tips are much appreciated!





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  2. Hi all,  I am a forester living in Northern Maine and do leatherwork as a hobby.  After 4 years of hand sewing everything I have finally made the jump to a machine, which brings me here.  I have loads of questions and hopefully can work through my learning curve with the help of some of the members here.

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