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  1. Thank you for the birth day wishes.

  2. Thanks Luke. The lacing took about 12 hours to be done, and was used more or less 20 meters of lace
  3. I finished this work recently,like to hear what all of you think of it. Was done to Taurus 38 revolver 6 "
  4. Olá amigo. Bom encontrar outros brasileiros or aqui.Parabéns pelo trabalho.

  5. Hello friends. This is my recent work. I hope you enjoy. Danilo Melo
  6. Thank you very much Hawgman This holster was made for a client and unfortunately do not have a picture of the revolver. A big hug. Danilo Melo
  7. Thank you very much Storm This work was commissioned only the holster. Never did a cartridge belt, I'm researching some models on the internet and in future i do the complete equipment. A Big hug. Danilo Melo
  8. Hello friends. This is my recent work. The request of the customer, was increased from above part, bypassing the butt of the gun. All the opinions are welcome. Thank you.
  9. Excellent work Storm . I do not tire of admired the wealth of details
  10. Olá Luis Paulo, muito bom o bordado. Os exercicios são muito importantes para evoluirmos e com certeza quanto maior a nossa evolução, mais faremos uso dessa pratica. Hello Luis Paulo, very good carving. The exercises are very important to evolve and with certainty how much bigger our evolution, more we will use this practice.
  11. Hello, I finished this saddle a few days, is a barrel racing, of 15". tell me what you think and any ideas for improvement. Thank you.
  12. Thanks storm I work as a saddle maker to 8 years, and leather carving to 4 years. I still have some tools, here in Brazil is difficult to obtain the tools and models to work.
  13. hello friends. This is the work recently completed. It is a cover for an album of photos. Comments and suggestions will be very lives. Thank you.
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