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  1. Boy I was so excited I had to post that it was a success!! @Techsew Ron and @Uwe thank you very much!! I took the instructions that was sent and from there it was as exactly as was described!! Worked like it did at the shop before I brought it home! So... part of my next steps after I got everything working without pressing the lever was to figure out why the thread wasn't picking up from the bobbin but I did think that once the forward vs reverse lever was figured out I thought it should just work....and it did!! Wished someone else was there to take that picture of me!! I know some folks here get freaky about shared links and its totally understandable so ... spoiler alert, this is a link to my personal MS OneDrive share drive. I uploaded the video from my phone. Will a virus drop in your computer because you select the link? These days nothing is 100% so ..... how does that go? caveat emptor ? https://1drv.ms/v/s!AnZ0zsCyoIMZiBQA0uD66cLelBlu I was just so proud of my self that my toy is FINALLY working that I had to made the video!! Here are some pictures for those that don't care for the video link: I would be hard pressed to tell you the ounce I had but I'm guessing 3/4? The gray pieces is what the shop had laying around to show me that it was working. I'm thinking it's at least 4/5 oz and its' doubled over. So all together, that's pretty thick! And don't mind the thread going everywhere. I was too excited to go find my pair of scissors. Thanks again you guys!!
  2. Thanks @Techsew Ron I'll try that when I get home and will let ya'all know if that solves my problem.
  3. Thanks, @Wizcrafts I called them just a bit ago and spoke to a very sweet lady on the phone who said she would send me something. I am looking forward to it!
  4. Thank you, @Wizcrafts. Can @Techsew Ron help me with a link to download the manual? Thanks
  5. Hi Here is a picture of my servo motor. Let me know if you need anything more. And thank you in advance!!
  6. Hi thanks at @Constabulary I am printing it out to take home to compare. From first glance I think it has more precise directions. @Wizcrafts The funny thing is that the lever was not pressed and the foot was walking forward and everything is working fine when it left the store! Which I think now leads me to what @Uwe said; I took down just the head . It may be the servo motor not going in the right direction? Fortunately, I do have a manual but the translation has room for improvement. I'll go home to noodle around on this some more. I was able to find another local mechanic who said he would be able to help and spoke English so if anything, I have to just wait and spend a little more to get this guy humming. Thanks all.
  7. Hi, I bought a used TechSew 2700 and am having difficulty understanding the lever that controls the stitch length and the forward/reverse. I took it down to a local shop after I purchased it and they got it all oiled up and timed and showed me how it works but we had a language barrier and I could not hardly understand any instructions. Crazy part is that he showed me before I left how easily it sewed the sample leather and didn't have to hold down the lever or anything. It just zoomed along. I took it home and now I have to hold the lever down to make it run forward and if I leave the lever where it is it goes in reverse stitch. Should be the opposite. Plus, I don't know what those numbers mean on the label (assuming its stitches per inch?) Anyway, because I have to hold the lever down to go forward, I think this is the reason why when I try to sew it isn't able to pick up the bobbin thread ( or it's another one of my screw ups). The manual I downloaded is complete crap (translated from a foreign language) and doesn't cover this area at all. Is there a button or a switch or something that I may have messed up? Your advice and experience are invaluable. Thanks in advance. ~JL
  8. JayEhl

    New work bench

    I still use the foam that came from my original Tandy starter kit! I also placed some of this tough rubber mat stuff I purchased from Tractor Supply. It resembles the rubber mat many out door stuff playgrounds have, today.
  9. I think it's missing a beer can holder but other than that, fantastic work!
  10. JayEhl

    New work bench

    Are you going to use a peg board?
  11. JayEhl

    New work bench

    Kind of depends on what you want to do. If this is part of a press I would go with something thicker, maybe over an inch or two, but if its just a backing for the chisels than I would think 3/8 would be plenty and I'm sure the 25" is more than enough. My board is scrap from a broken cutting board and is small enough to tuck away in a short shelf. I'm sure others here will also provide more experiences and insights.
  12. JayEhl

    New work bench

    Hi I've a small kitchen table that I've been working on since the beginning and often wished I could stand over my projects with a tall stool. Definitely go with the taller version. As for a cutting mat you will want HPDE : https://www.tapplastics.com/custom-cut-to-size-plastic-sheets/hdpe-sheets lots of other factories to choose from, too.
  13. I see beautiful work here and each time I get humbled by the craftsmanship that I see. Yours, in particular, stands out. Very well done! Please post more!
  14. I recently filled an office floor with furniture. For the brainstorming for space utilization, we used grid paper to define the space (walls, doors, etc) Then we got the dimensions of the office desk, cabinets, etc and cut them out to same scaled dimensions and then were able to easily move things around. You could do the same here. Just a thought.
  15. JayEhl

    St. Michael

    I'll drink to that!
  16. Could you share the thickness size? I wanted to know for wet forming a container I want to make (taking your idea but making kind of a cup/dish, kind of like a really small valet) I attempted it could use an improvement.
  17. well, maybe the analogy of the salesman at the door may not be the best but I was more pointing out how I don't answer solicitations no matter if its online or at the door.
  18. I understand why some people may feel this is inappropriate but at the same time I'm not sure why this is such a big deal. I am treating this like the salesman who comes to my door. I don't answer it. He isn't making anyone give. If you want to, you can. If you don't want to, just move on. No need to be outraged. ~JL
  19. I like the art work and admire, too, anyone who can put such detailed finesse onto leather. I've always painted my colors before I put on a resist and antique. Not sure if that is the right order/process but figured it kept the paint/dye from rubbing off so easily? Just curious.
  20. Yes, so very nice and elegant. Do you use Herman Oak leather?
  21. Boy, that would be something I would be interested in for $1200. Missouri is a bit of drive for me, though.
  22. Such great wood working so far. Extreme diligence in your designs and work. Being new, I've never heard of using a 'jig' for making a wallet so this is new and is making me curious. Can someone point me to a video of how this is used?
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