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  1. Hi all does anyone out there have experience with Thor sewing machine? If so can you tell me what you think of them as I am looking at the Thor1760 post bed and would like to know you think of them thanks Bullhead
  2. Hi flatcapper just wounding how you like the Thor as I am looking at the 1760 model and would like to here your opinion on it thanks Bullhead
  3. Hi Joekid1315 just wondering if you bought the Thor machine? If you did what do you think of it? As I am looking at the1760 Thor. Dali sent me a video of it and is what I am looking for so would like to here from you?Thanks Don
  4. Hi I know this a long shot is the nippy still available?please let me know thanks Don
  5. Hi I have a singer 144wsv38 with excellent frame .if interested let me know Don
  6. Hi Don again I was wondering if by chance would you be interested in trading?I have a consew 227r in prefict working order .thanks Don
  7. Hi by chance do you still have the machine?
  8. I have a Adler268 fap 263 does any one know where to get feet for this it is a needle feed I am looking for 3/8 gauge with center guide
  9. Hi hotrodguy on your Adler do you have a center guide foot on it if so where did you get as I need one for the same machine thanks Bullhead1
  10. Bullhead1


    Wanted post bed single needle walking foot please contact me with information
  11. Wanted post bed single needle walking foot please contact me with information
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