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  1. thanks @garyak didn't realize that, and now can't even tell you whether I kept it up or down, cause now it's just limp. I have included a picture. Thanks @northmount for moving this post to the right place. I'm still getting the lay of this platform.
  2. Hello All I have an old Fortuna Model G Skiving machine that has been working normally for awhile. Suddenly, after I started trying to degrease and clean some of the the screws the eccentric lever stopped engaging when I try to lift it up. Basically not functioning properly at all. The screw still turns, but none of it is functioning as it was or should. My best guess is that a spring gave out. However, I am not quite sure how to reach or even check for a spring within the arm. I have taken out the top that holds the screw and lever components. I can see a small plate under it. It does not look like a washer. Any advice appreciated. Also, anyone in Tucson that works on these would be great too.
  3. Greetings I have recently bought a Idea Model C and have powered it up and had it running. Shortly after it went through a mutli click episode and in the process a piece broke that had been poorly welded. I had it properly welded and put back. It worked again for a little while. Now it has stopped engaging and will not click when triggered. Just makes the electrical sound with no movement This machine was modified to have the dual trigger. I have the manual but am missing pages 40-51. These pages seem to have several figure references. The link in the thread did not include these pages. Does anyone else have them?? (the other link was dead or black.) This is not my strong suit, but I am trying to utilize the manual to do the tedious work needed to know the machine. Any advice on best starts, pitfalls etc? Also, here is a picture of how it was modified for the motor. IMG_1281.HEIC IMG_1282.HEIC
  4. Hello I am looking at potentially purchasing one of these machines. However, it is a 3 phase and I would need to convert it to one phase. Does anyone know the more economic way to do this. I know there are converters out there. Not sure how specific they are or whether they all work the same. Happy for any information. I know it is in working condition, currently. I am trying to consider what the end cost would be and whether it's worth it once it is moved and converted. Thanks Converting to three phase is not an option....
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