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  1. Thanks for the response. I make a wide variety of leather goods but mostly golf headcovers and accessories. I am looking for something with a presser foot Hight clearance of around half an inch to 3/4 of an inch. I believe the model 69 is around 12mm( almost 1/2 an inch). What is the clearance on the 669? I suppose I can look up those specs too but just curious.
  2. Hey guys! I have a question for those that may have experience in both the vintage Adler 69 and the newer Adler 669 . I have been looking to add a cylinder arm machine to my arsenal been looking at the 669 and just recently came across its grandfather the mode 69 . I have very little experience in either of these machines but was looking to see the if there’re is any justification of spending extra $$$$$ for new shiny paint ? Currently own a singer 111W105 flatbed machine and really love the old vintage builds. Thanks!!
  3. After Replacing the timing belt, it is really tight to turn the balance wheel. Is there a way to reduce the tension?
  4. Little blow with a hammer and it finally broke loose. There is some minimal damage to the threaded rod but think it might still do the job. Thanks for all the help
  5. Thank you for the response, I will give it a shot. I did attempt a few of the steps before your response and the spring did indeed shoot the cap across the room but still have both eyes so we are all good. I will attempt them all in the order you sent me. the cap does rotate in and out and the stitch length adjustment works as needed. So I hope all the treads are still in tact.
  6. Quick question, I have a 111w103 with the same stitch length adjuster. I am having trouble removing the spindle to replace the timing belt. Am I missing something ?
  7. Hi everyone, I picked up a Singer 111W103 at an estate sale. The timing belt is destroyed so I looked up some information online to reinstall the new belt that I purchased. The online instructions are pretty vague and require the removal of a few set screws one at the rear of the machine and the others on the pulley . Following this should allow for the Stitch adjustment screw, Spindle , pulley and Bushing to be removed. But that does not seem to be the case. I have been wiggling at the stitch adjustment screw trying to remove it but have had little to no luck. Does anyone have any experience removing the Spindle screw/rod? Thanks
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