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  1. Very nice. Love the contrast of new tec and antic looking leather.
  2. My barebones cardholders made from veg.tan leather 0,8 mm thick. They have a pocket on each side. It that can hold 6-8 cards.
  3. Watch strap made for my watch as the one it came with fell apart. had never made one befor. but, it turned out ok. Learned a few things, will also consider using 2 cord string insted of 3 cord if i ever make one again. Mobilephone cover for my sony x10 mini. Wetshaped the leather on the cover cut out the difrent holes then glued it on. was afrain it would not hold up to wear and tear. but after 6 months of use its still in place. Im happy the way it turned out. As i say- Worse then i dreamed, better then i dreeded
  4. My wife wantet af classic looking messenger bag as she back in school. I wanted the classic look but still keep the look light and feminine. Made from natural Veg tanned 2 mm leather. Hand stitched with yellow linen thread 4 cord. Size is 25 cm wide - 35 cm high and 12 cm deep.
  5. Thats a good looking sadle. I also love to handstitch... only thing i use machine for is the edge on belts to keep the price down.
  6. Thank you all The 3 red diamon shaped cutouts are my logo... the idea is that it should look like the holes made with an awl to show its hand stitched. In the pics below its used in my small cardholder
  7. Was comisoned to make a 16 card wallet, this was the result. Was a bit of a challenge I had to figure out a way to have all touse layers of leather without it becoming a brik. I used thin goats skives for the 7 inner pockets and normal 1 mm. veg.tan leather for the first pocket. I layered them to se the shape, it still had a belly, starts thin and got thiker towards the middle. After some pondering I thought of cutting the pockets in a T shape. So that the sides of the T just overlapped. There are also 2 big pockets under the cards one on each side.
  8. I haven't taken pics of the backs... The leather part is really simple it's a 3 layer sandwich 2 layers veg tan leather. One layer is 1 mm. the other 3 mm. you simply make a random pattern of holes in the 1 mm layer. They layer in the middle is thin goat skives colored with dye or acrylic leather color. If you use acrylic color try and only color the center part so that it does not have color at the edge this might give you trouble when polishing the edges. I also like to polish the holes I cut out. You can do this by using a round piece of wood. I have a cheap artist brush that has a really thin handle at one end and gradually gets thicker. Works like a charm and is fast and easy. The best way is to cut the 1 mm. to the shape you want then leave the 2 other layers a bit bigger. Then you just glue it together with a really strong glue. I use the kind shoemakers use for soles. Then trim it, bevel the edge and polish. The hardware has 2 holes in the back with 2 small screws. You will need to insert the leather mark the holes then take out and use a round awl to make holes. Because the screws are to small and will not handle to force needed to crew them thru the leather without pilot holes. I hope I answered you question
  9. Thank you abn They are from a shop here in denmark, they have a web shop and they ship everywere i belive. they are around $ 3,00 http://www.skindhuset.dk/default.asp?Action=Details&Item=865
  10. A galley Director from England stumbled upon our shop in Copenhagen and liked the key rings but was not keen on the black/red color combo i normaly make this in. Therefore, he commissioned them in bright colors… Orange, Lavender, Green, bright pink. I’m really exited to have my work in an other country.
  11. That is trully great work, I love to see hand stitching work that people cant see is hand stitched. Man is the greatest and most versatile machine I say. I will try and answer your question. Aniline dye and here I thing that you mean, that you used spirit dye. Spirit dye is designed to be soaked in to the material so that it is colored all the way thru leather. The problem using it like you did, is that it will run in to areas were you don’t want it. If I should give you any advice is that you try and use a generous amount of neetfootsoil then ably antique stain to the areas with a brush if you are really fanatical about perfection. You can also rub the stain in with a cloth on the entire area and use a clean damp cloth to remove the stain on the high points. This will give a dry brush effect. But do try both methods and some scrap before you play around on a masterpiece like that.
  12. Well it has been some time now sins I posted. It has been so hectic lately with me moving shop and workshop also getting blessed with a little angel baby girl. Here I am continuing with the Fractos Design in the shape of a belt. This one is the version for men, I was really not sure if it would work or a man would buy it. I have sold a few. Materials used. Veg. taned belt leather that I dyed black. Real thin goats lining leather that I dyed red. And the inside was lined with soft calf skin dyed at the tannery.
  13. Eternal scar messenger bag. This bag I made for my self I had a piece of leather with an odd scar on it. It looks like the mathematical symbol for infinity. This bag is brand new but I really went to town on the antique effect on it I personally really like the used look on leather.
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