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  1. Just wanted to share the new chinks I bought myself for my birthday.
  2. I have no idea. You’d have to call Chelsea at Rocking S Saddle Shop in Montana to find out.
  3. Now that I’ve had this saddle a while I just wanted to come back and check in. It sweats a horse’s back nice and even. No dry spots or rubbed areas. The ground seat was built up with leather and its still ultra comfortable. As for durability I doubt the horn is going to be breaking off when I rope something big and heavy. All I’ve roped so far, and drug in to the trailer, was some Corriente cows. The flat plate rigging seems to be in there pretty solid as well. It’s screwed in not nailed. I’m seriously considering getting another Chicago Stockyard Tree saddle but one without the post horn. I’d go with something like a #4 horn and swells for riding colts. Thinking about the cable rigging too and might go with that as well. Anyway, I’m enjoying this saddle and it’s working out well.
  4. Rode it today for the first time. The saddle maker built up the ground seat and I have to say that in fifty years of riding it’s one of the most comfortable saddles I’ve ever ridden. This is my second Wade saddle. Of five handmade saddles this is easily one of the best if not the best. I’ll keep my Will James roughout saddle, also handmade, for ranch broncs and starting colts that buck but I don’t plan to be riding it much. Of my three current saddles, the other one is a handmade cutting saddle, this one is by far the most comfortable one. Rocking S Saddle Shop did this one right. Vince
  5. Someone else. Rocking S Saddle Shop in Montana.
  6. Got a saddle being made on a Chicago Stockyard tree.
  7. 45 views and nobody has worked with these trees or built a saddle on one for someone that makes his living a horseback?
  8. Take a look at the Laporte and Chicago Stockyard trees and maybe talk to them about building you a tree. I’m interested in the long term durability of their trees and have a post asking about that. If anyone bothers to answer my post you may glean some useful information.
  9. Hello All, I’m interested in having a Laporte or Chicago Stockyard saddle tree built. My question is, how well do they hold up? I’m talking about for ranch work and heavy roping. I mention these trees to folks and they all say they won’t hold up to what I put a saddle through. The thing is nobody knows anyone with one of these trees but they’ve all heard that Jim Bob’s cousin had a friend who had a friend who had a step brother with one and it didn’t hold up. So I’m asking the folks on here what their opinion is on them for hard ranch work. Thank you, Vince
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