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  1. Roz0323

    process for edge paint

    Thank you for the detailed instructions. I will absolutely use your method.
  2. Roz0323

    first bag

    And this is exactly why i signed up to !! THANK YOU!! perfect idea that I would have never thought of on my own. Third strap is on it's way!. also.. I've heard people use gum trag on the flesh side of leather to lay it down. Does the gum trag wear off or stain clothing? Maybe its only intended to on pieces that do not have a lot of friction on them or is there a better option to lay down the flesh side?
  3. Roz0323

    first bag

    Thank you!! Thank you!! I like a matte finish personally but i would like to do some sort of super hi sheen on a peice, for comparison. I finished it with Obenaufs. Cheers!
  4. Roz0323

    first bag

    fourth piece. I made this for my . it took many late nights to complete. made it so it can be a pack or shoulder bag. now I need to learn how to make adjustable straps, burnish like a pro and of course keep my lines straight. leather is my yoga and I should've started years ago.
  5. Roz0323

    New to this hobby

    looks great! that check book cover has a great color to it especially with the white saddle stitch.
  6. Roz0323

    First holsters

    Great work! Did you use edge paint on the bottom holster pic? I have a tough time with the edge process. I did bevel the edges but then after i saddled stitching, i ended up sanding the edges so there are even and now they are a little square. Is an edge paint a good choice and if so, what goes over the edge paint as a sealant? can i use gum-trag or beeswax? i am about 7 months new to leather making and just finished my first wet molding / first holster project. figured why not kill two birds with one stone. HA! My blue gun ended up being my sons glock 19 air soft, since umarex makes both identical to each other. The holster seems to function very well and i am quite happy with the process, but there are ton of flaws and things that will be changed moving forward. Thanks for any advise you can offer
  7. Roz0323

    process for edge paint

    Hello everyone. Let me start by saying that I am with no question a GREEN HORN. just about finished with a umarex glock 19 holster. It is my first holster and my first wet molding project. there are ton of flaws and things that i will change moving forward but all in all it seems to function great. snug fit, locks into place and the 7 oz is rock hard. I have some questions about the edges. i originally beveled the edges but then after stitching i ended up sanding them in order to even everything out. (the pics are prior to sanding) Now the edges are a little square. I would like to use a red edge paint. is my next step to apply paint then sand and reapply more paint? In between do I use canvas? After the coats are applied, do i still seal the edge paint with beeswax and burnish? There are so many options so i am trying to get a formula broken down to layman’s terms. side question!- would obenaufs soften the leather too much as an exterior finish? Thank you for the assistance.