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  1. cjm51213

    Consew 227 post bed

    Seriously? Nobody can give me any advice about this sewing machine? Guys, please... Chris.
  2. Hi Folks, I have a new to me Consew 227 post bed. The stitch length should range from slightly more than four SPI to twelve SPI, according to the stitch length selector. However something is misadjusted and the actual range is eight SPI to sixteen SPI. I'm not afraid to make adjustments, but it's not clear how to make this adjustment, so I want to take it apart to understand how it works. This involves removing the drive pulley, which I've done before to change the internal belt and I understand how that works. My problem is the drive pulley is held on by the stitch length adjustment knob, and I can't see how to remove that. Can anybody advise me? Thanks for the help, Chris.