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  1. Cattledude: There IS something about an old saddle! And, if I may say, an old Porter saddle! YinTx: I have Porter catalogues from the mid-1920's. Some of the most beautiful saddles were built in that era. The stamping patterns included images of bronc riders, Saguaro cactus, mares & foals, etc., etc. BNP
  2. YinTx: My Great Grandfather - Newton Porter - opened his business in 1875. The "Porter style carving" you refer to references the various "stamping patterns" most famously seen on custom-built Porter saddles. There were a number of patterns: Wickenburg Stamping, Nogales Stamping, Phoenix Stamping, Showlow, Gila Bend, Bonita, etc., etc. The pattern JayEhl displays in the first piece, includes elements of the Safford Stamping, featured of the Porter No. 726 (most notably known as the Jack Skipworth Trophy) saddle. Best, BNP
  3. Wow, a Port Parker! Have not seen one of these in a very, very long time! Get me the serial number, and I'll be happy to pull the build-card. Best, BNP
  4. Ok, now I can verify the origins of this saddle. It was built by my Uncle Bill Porter (William N. Porter). So, not a saddle made by the N. Porter Saddle Co., but one made by one of N. Porter's Grandsons. That said, I have no build cards for any of Bill's saddles. The 30,000 build cards I do have are for the original N. Porter saddles. Glad we got to the bottom of that! BTW, I can't answer why the "new" designation... Best regards, BNP
  5. Hi there, and thanks for sending these photos. I have a few concerns. First, the serial number is located in the wrong place. Porter saddles made AFTER July 19, 1933, have the serial numbers stamped on the left skirt underneath the rear housing. Porter saddles made between 1916 to July 19, 1933, have the serial numbers stamped on the near fender underneath the stirrup leather. In my opinion, this saddle was not built between 1916 and 1933. It appears to be newer than that. Thus, the serial number should be located on the left skirt underneath the rear housing. Is there a makers-mark/brand anywhere on the saddle? The latigo keeper/holder has "Tommy" stamped on it. I can't account for this. From my perspective, I'm not seeing what I need to see in terms of determining if this is a genuine Porter saddle. Please help. Many thanks, BNP
  6. Can you photograph the serial number? And photos of the saddle?
  7. Hello: Send me the serial number. I may have the build-card among the 35,000 or so build-cards for Porter saddles. It will give the history. BNP
  8. Good Day: Please send me the serial number. I most likely have the build-card. I will be accessing the vault early December, where I store the build cards for 35,000 Porter saddles. BNP
  9. Sbroome: Will be accessing the vault early December. Will add 14840 to my list. BNP
  10. Bethmcc: Have I responded to you? Not sure that I have. Please let me know. Thanks, BNP
  11. Hello SmithS: The early 500's serial number is very early. Probably mid to late 1920's. The build cards I have begin about 5-years after your saddle was built. I will look through Porter Catalog No. 15, to see what I might come up with. Best regards, BNP
  12. Good Day: I attempted to reply earlier, but I see it never submitted. So sorry! Sending another more detailed reply. BNP
  13. Good Day: I will add 22978 to my list. This saddle was built late 1944, or early 1945. BNP
  14. Good Day: I will add 9556 to my list. I can tell you that it was most likely built late 1934, or early 1935. BNP
  15. Good afternoon: Am seeing this just now. Might you upload photos of the saddle, including an image of the serial number? Many thanks, BNP
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