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  1. Allotment17

    Is this a good starter kit?

    Thank you everyone for your replies to my post and welcomes to the board. I really appreciate the sound advice given and I'm very glad I asked the question.
  2. Allotment17

    Is this a good starter kit?

    Hello, I'm new to the site and looking to try my hand at leather work. I have a sewing with fabric background but feel I want up my game to creating leather goods. Initially I have in mind to start with a key fob followed by card holder, pencil case, wallet then tool bag. I have been researching by reading and watching YouTube clips. I have an idea of the tools and consumables I would need to get started but trying to buy them all seems to mean purchasing from many different suppliers and incurring considerable postage charges along with the cost of each item. This led me to look for a starter kit but most I found didn't look too good or were suspiciously low priced. I have seen this kit at Identity Leather and would like advice as to wether this would be a good kit to get me started. Thank you. p.s. I am in the UK