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  1. SShepherd

    Challenging Knife sheath Build

    A suggestion on the handle- use a countersink on the holes, just to knock the top edge off. They'll be more comfortable and will be less prone to chipping
  2. my point was simply to provide the data, not advocate for it
  3. I knew the "compound" was different than straight neatsfoot but I couldn't found out what the added ingredients were. I've read anything from silicon to parrifin wax
  4. If anyone's interested, I found an MSDS sheet on fiebings neatsfoot oil compound.
  5. SShepherd

    Tapering a welt

    the edges are rounded, adding a strap and thanks for reminding me about the tip
  6. SShepherd

    Tapering a welt

    thanks all, I'm pretty much finished with this one.
  7. SShepherd

    I'm in stitches !~

    Oiled and hit with Neat lac (yes is a bW stamp from bulgaria)
  8. Well it's all stitched up, I need to add a loop/snap for the handle and decide that to do to seal it up. I'm thinking either antuquing it with dark brown or just hitting it with neetsfoot oil. Can you do both ? I guess it's not awful for my first sheath in 40 years
  9. Ok, now that I can take a breath I can start on stitching. How'd I do ?
  10. SShepherd

    Proper stitching chisels from Tandy?

    Unless they're case hardened, which I highly doubt, sanding/polishing will not effect them (that's how you sharpen a knife). You only have to worry if you're using them on powered grinder and bring the heat up past the temp. they were tempered at. Your fingers will burn first
  11. SShepherd

    Tapering a welt

    I think I'm going to add a small tapered wedge at the kick of the blade because if the thickness. I need to run to tandy tomorrow.
  12. SShepherd

    Tapering a welt

    I took it to the grinder with an 80grit ceramic belt, it worked like a charm
  13. SShepherd

    Distance from the edge

    Thanks, that's what I was looking for ! I'm seeing more and more people don't use groovers and use creasers. Looks like I'll have to make one now.
  14. SShepherd

    Distance from the edge

    I figured 1/8" was the standard and that proportionally things look better in relation to distance and thickness. The problem I'm working on is a very thick and wide sheath and trying to keep it from being absurdly wide .
  15. SShepherd

    Distance from the edge

    Is there a guide or rule of thumb to use when deciding from from the edge to lay out your stitching ? Is there a relation between the thickness of the leather and distance or the number of stitches per/inch, or both ?