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  1. Hey does anyone have a lead on any US based companies (or even just an individual on here) that sells these case blanks as singles or even in a small pack vs the 100+ order requirements on Alibaba? Ideally looking for black or white. Thanks in advance for your time.
  2. Just switch to metric, in this case MM (millimeter), and use it exclusively. Everything is base 10 and can be converted regardless of item size.
  3. Really nice work, I especially like the second weekender bag. Are the straps that go from the bottom of the bag up to the handles along the sides the same width and the two tone with black trim is just creating an optical illusion of being narrower on the first one or are they in fact different widths?
  4. Looking for a little insight from the better informed out there and please forgive me if I'm tossing out way too details, figure I'd provide one too many vs too few! I was checking out Uniters' website and while browsing I noticed none of the products were listed specifically as 'heatable' edge paint but rather four variations of simply 'Edge Paint' with finish being the differentiator and product identifiers as follows: Gloss - goes by EP 1xxx "Matt" - EP 2xxx Deep "Matt" - EP 3xxx Semi-gloss - EP 4xxx Based off the only image of a bottle from RMLS I can find the product identifier starts with "AN". It's quite clear on the Uniters' website they'll do custom labeling/SKUs which leads to the question... Is the "Heatable Matt" Uniters edge paint on RMLS simply a custom label version of the EP line (specifcally the EP2000) from Uniters? The only caveat to the question above is the fact RMLS has the Uniters mixing system, that is using X number of base paints they can be mixed and matched to create any Pantone color. However the bottle on RMLS features a color called 'Red Violet' which is a stock color of Uniters so I don't think the product identifier difference has anything to do with the color system but I could be wrong. Below is the Uniters Catalogue link as well as the RMLS bottle image. Thanks for your time and thoughts in advance! Link to Uniters catalogue with edge paints starting on page 11.
  5. I recently picked up a Paasche H kit and couldn't be happier. I'm only using it for basic dying with an occasional antiqued edge but I have to say I was quite surprised by just how much control even the single action from Paasche yields. I'd definitely recommend the VL per your needs.
  6. Very nice! Any idea about how many square feet of leather is required for this?
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