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  1. Just tried on Fiebing acrylic red on a damp 7x7mm square. doesn't seem to have much change. I still see spots of the red pigment piled up. I put the original picture below.......I like acrylic paint because they're bright and easy to mix for other color. The leather dye will not have such problem, but their colors are not that vivid. Any suggestion for evening out the paint?
  2. I used Fiebing acrylic paint, later I also tried Angelus metalic gold, same effect. yes the squares are in 7x7mm, on a 2-fold wallet. I thought the Fiebing's "Dye-Prep" solution is good enough before putting the acrylic paint on.......I'll try make it a bit damp and see what happens. Thanks Mike!
  3. Hi, got a newbie question about the acrylic painting. I scored some 7x7mm squares on a piece of 4-5 oz veg tan leather and trying to paint different color on the squares. The problem is always that the paint cannot get even that within a square some area thicker, some thinner. I tried to dilute the acrylic paint a bit, also tried the second layer, still cannot get it even. Anyone any suggestion? I did put on fiebing's dye-prep before putting on the paint. This is my first post after membership got approved last night. Thanks!