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  1. 2 hours ago, Evo160K said:

    Well done.  I've never tried WD-40 as a rinsing material.  When you say, "and oiled it to finish", do you mean all of the surfaces to bring up a shine or just the moving metal-on-metal surfaces (as usual)?

    Restoring these old machines is such a blast!  My second favorite thing.

    Oiled the surface to reduce risk of rust forming and the parts that need oil to function.

    3 hours ago, Mizzy said:

    You’ve really done a top job there, and I love the slide show. Talented!

    When you took the needlebar assembly out did you only remove the bracket at the bottom in order to free it? I’m following the military handbook on disassembly instructions for needlebar removal and according to this booklet once that bracket is removed the unit just slides out. Mine doesn’t. 

    Can you please tell me, did you have to do anything else to get it out? I really appreciate the advice I get on this forum, I couldn’t work on my machines otherwise. Thank you :)

    I actually didn't take anything apart on mine. I know it's not the right way but I used pipe cleaners and brushes to just reach into places to clean. 

  2. I am trading a saw for a Singer 111w155. Unfortunately this thing has been sitting in a barn for a few years after his mother passed away. It has some rust and alot of gummed up oil. 


    This is my first industrial sewing machine and I just would like some advice on how to get this thing into the best shape it can be. What cleaners do you recommend or should I just find a shop to service it?


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