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  1. I have the pattern just no instructions! Can someone send me them as well please? My Saddle is ready to assemble and I can't read the instructions I have. Thanks so much!! paralisa_00@hotmail.com
  2. Great!! thank you so much! I appreciate your time! Will update when I have checked everything!
  3. Thank you! I will get in there and check it all out. I did have a jam a few weeks ago and my timing was all messed up. I got the timing going good but maybe missed some thread. The thread does come out easily from the bobbin so I don't think that's it. I appreciate your help!
  4. I haven't changed anything, I use 138 thread with a 22 needle. I was testing on about 8oz leather and just tried on 2-3 oz piece and same thing is happening. Just to see what would happen I let the tension off on the top almost all the way and it still looks exactly the same. Could it still be a needle problem? Or maybe something is up with my bobbin case? I'm at a loss
  5. I have a Consew 206rb that has been a great machine however, lately I have had an issue with the lower tension being too tight no matter what I do. I have loosened it off as far as it will go and tightened the top as far as it will go and the bottom thread is still laying flat. I feel like I have tried everything under the sun. I am hoping that someone has some advice for this as it is so frustrating!
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