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  1. Great info!! Yes on the servo motor. Can anybody help with any vendors on the west if possibly as shipping would be cheaper? I really want a quality table so if it cost more for shipping I good with that. ANy models with built in rollers would be great too!
  2. I work on machine tool equipment so there is nothing there that I can't handle. I just wanted to make sure I get the best table with the proper cut out.
  3. I need help finding a place to purchase a good quality sewing table for a Consew 206-1. Would like it with a Servo motor and ready to drop the machine head in. Live in Portland Oregon. Anybody have any advice?
  4. I realize that $1500 was a lot for that Consew, but I deal everyday with precision high quality machine tools and there is a bit of pride owning a machine that was made by hand and a lot of parts made on manual machine instead of all CNC machined! After researching these machine and seeing what is inside them and the components that they are made of, I real shocked at how cheap they are. I would guess there is more machining pieces in a sewing machining then most metal lathes I see!
  5. I did see that one. Just wondering on a used machine like this, being German vintage, how would it compare to the new Consew or Juki models.
  6. It was a 1984 but looked like it had only been used a few times. I put a bid in up to $1500 but it went much higher. I only like to buy once and feel good about.
  7. I missed a like new 85 Consew 206RB at auction that went for about $2400. I would like a quality machine. I buy and sell machine shop equipment for a living and have a love for quality machines and know a good one when I see it. I like machines made in Germany or Japan. I really not into saving money when it come to quality by buying a China machine, which is the kiss of death for me when it comes to machines I sell. I plan on having some fun with auto and boat projects and light leather. Any help or advice?? Thanks Dan
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