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  1. charlie2crows

    COWBOY 3200

  2. charlie2crows

    COWBOY 3200

    It's a beauty!! I was looking for a machine with a bit more capacity i.e. 1/2 inch but after looking at your Techsew am going to check out their site. Thanks for taking the time to reply - much appreciated. A lady has just started another very similar topic which has garnered a lot of replies which have also been very helpful. Cheers
  3. charlie2crows

    Husband has cleared me for new machine!

    From personal experience I can second that Alex from Solar, Cowboy Ryan and Steve from Cobra are all fantastic guys willing to answer any questions and all appear to be what one would look for in a dealer of sewing machines. I myself am in the same situation as you right now and settled on the Cowboy 3200. I use my Juki and a converted Singer for the lighter stuff. Having a bit of a hard time actually sourcing a 3200 here in Australia though.
  4. charlie2crows

    COWBOY 3200

    Yep I went to have a look at it. Not in such great condition. Yep sorry, viable = cost effective in this instance. Any answer to the question? Hoping someone reading this is the US will have an idea.
  5. charlie2crows

    Help finding a machine/dealer?

    Gday Mate, I feel your pain - I live in Australia and our COWBOY "distributor/dealer" is a farmer who 'sells' machines out of an old shed in a paddock. He conducts this 'business' part-time. Mind you both Cowboy guys I have contacted in the USA - Ryan Neele and Solar leather have been awesome. Cheers Charlie
  6. charlie2crows

    COWBOY 3200

    Hi All, First post but have been following this forum for quite a while. Firstly enormous thanks to all the guys who have pointed me in the right direction over the years particularly the amazing WIZCRAFTS. I am located in Australia and have had a dream of owning a Cowboy 3200 for a long time and finally find myself in a position to purchase one. I have contacted the 'distributor' for Australia and , without running people down, have had several very negative experiences with this guy. He is a farmer who distributes/sells Cowboy machines out of a shed in a paddock 4 hours drive from the nearest big town. Enough said. After contacting Ryan Neele, who was fantastic, I was put in touch with Hightex who now refuse to ship a machine to Australia after initially promising to do so. I still have my heart set on a Cowboy 3200, gee I wish I lived in the USA, but the chances seem to be fading a little. My question is what other machines have roughly the same specs ie cylinder arm, capacity for heavier and lighter thread, large bobbin etc? I was thinking of just getting a Cowboy head and motor shipped from the USA however I am not sure if this is a viable option. Thanks for any help Charlie