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  1. climent

    Where to buy a Consew 206rb-5?

    The quote I got from GoldStarTools is about $1500 including shipping (I have not been able to identify the taxes on the item, though). I just asked for a quote from Toledo I.S.M. to compare. Thanks
  2. Hi crafters, I am on the lookout for a Consew 206rb-5 (*) and wanted to know if anyone has any experience with They seem to be selling the head+table+servo motor for a very reasonable price. If you have any experience with any other seller, I would like to hear about your thoughts. Thanks! (*) I have been researching few options and the 206 seems to hit the sweet spot for price, reliability, parts, serviceability, information on setup and maintenance,...
  3. Hi Got a second hand LSZ-1 and the tension on the tension disks seems to be coming and going. As one can see in the attached picture, if I increase the tension all the stitches come similar, bit when I lower it there are some stitches that are deep and some that show the lower thread on the upper surface. Any hints?
  4. climent

    Do you like this presser foot?

    I'd say the reason is the reduced friction the dog foot has against the wheel when compared with standard pressers. That friction reduces the travel of the fabric by a tiny bit per stitch. But is just a hypothesis. Have not tested it.
  5. To explain with a bit more detail what was happening: the cobbler came with one of the pieces broken, the one that connects the arm that's in front of the machine with the needle arm (pictured). The seller sent a replacement, but it was shorter. With the new piece in place, it changed the height at which the needle rests, so when the loop is created for the hook to grab through, the thread end that pulls through the needle's eye was pulling upwards and the bobbin case was pressing it against the wall. The spacing between the walls and the bobbin case is so tight that the thread is essentially cut. Again, thanks for the help!
  6. I went back to the workshop and started looking at how it should behave. I realized the needle was not going all the way down and decided to move the pipe that holds the needle an 8th of an inch down so that when the needle moves a bit up to create the thread loop that the bobbin shuttle hook catches, the needle hole is about at the bottom of the bobbin. Now it works fine. Thanks for all the comments.
  7. My new Chinese cobble machine keeps breaking/snapping the thread as seen in the following video: Any help on how to fix this problem is appreciated. Thanks!