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  1. Thanks, that made me realize that the plate did more. I did not notice that metal tab that holds the cage in place, now its working again! I must have messed it up months ago (yeah its been 6 month haven't finished this project). Was able to get a lot done today!
  2. https://imgur.com/a/QaKNYGP Using the largest needle and thread allowed, so 210 thread and 135x17 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Needle Size 24 I have taken the thing apart, and I had this issue all through this project but last bobbin had no issues at all, the one before I bent 3 needles... I reviewed the basics for this machine and watched their tutorials.. but I must be doing something wrong when I loaded the thread? More likely the thread not to spec (I probably got it off alibaba) and is too big... but I have a LOT of it.. If the thread is too big can I mix and match the sizes, so I can have the same appearance of the thread? I am in the middle of a very large 200 dollar in Badalassi Carlo leather bag project... Not having a great time as its causing my final product to have lots of extra blemishes. Also I never realize my bobbin is empty. and I end up having a lot of blemishes from resewing sections as well. How can I do this better? Thanks!
  3. I have been wanting a tech sew for about a year now. I think this dang pandemic is has finally gotten me over the price, as I just spend too much dang time sewing! I was thinking the 2750 pro, but the one I saw locally was being sold because the guy wanted something with a smaller cylender head. Which honestly I want to do a wide range of items on this, but specifically I want to make a few laptop cases and backpacks. The best part about these machines is they convert to flat beds so I really can do all the things I want. I wanted to see your thoughts on the 2600 pro vs the 2750 pro.. As far as I can tell I will just not be able to do really thick leather. But the thicket I have ever done is maybe 8 oz leather. Two of those is 2/8ths which is less than the 3/8ths max. What else am I missing? I know the 2750 pro is very solid from the demo I had with it. I am a general hobbyist. I do everything from watch straps, to bags in one off projects. I know someone will say that there is not one machine to do it all, thats fine but I only can afford one machine. What I wont be doing is thick hard stuff like holsters and saddles. Also if anyone has one for sale between colorado and austin, I will be driving cross country...
  4. It seems if I google high quality I get harbor freight (HA!) .. but I know if I go to some leather shops they will ask hundreds for a set. I want a good hole punch set. I can spend maybe 100, but prefer less. Ideas?
  5. Welp.. the texas rose round head knife I waited for 18 months from knipschield custom knives was probably not the best one to try stingray leather on.. So I will be figuring out how to f&ckup my roundhead edge... Pretty upset about that.. but nothing that cant be fixed. That about when I went to a cheap knife and literally hammered to get the rest of the cuts done.. Then I did my pricking irons, and tried to sew it. It's as if I tried to align the holes binkfolded with a single tooth iron.. Yikes where do I learn how to use this, challenging material? This project just used it as an accent, so it was a small piece. Next will be big, like a wallet.
  6. Tried to go to Joanns yesterday, but I guess despite being needed for people to make face masks, or deal with the fact we can't do anything... they were closed. I ended up getting a few different options at Mood fabrics. Pretty cheap so I got a few. Joanns will probably go under comparing them to Moods website and selection. The Rag & Bone Cabernet I think is going to be the winner. Pewter and Charcoal Striped Acetate Lining Qty: 1 Subtotal:$4.99 Rag & Bone Cabernet and Navy Floral Silk Twill Qty: 1 Subtotal:$20.99 Natural Lightweight Cotton Muslin Qty: 1 Subtotal:$2.99 Mood Exclusive Double Dreaming and Trance Stretch Cotton Sateen
  7. This is incredibly hard to source.
  8. I am making myself that flat cap that I've always not gotten around to making thanks to Corona. I drew out what I want the design to be, and tomorrow I will finish the template with paper mockups. The only thing missing is, how the heck do I line this thing (the problem of my weird stubbornness not to pay for a template or guide that I can design myself) I live in Texas so.. this will be intersting. I was thinking Silk? Not sure... Whats the best material for a daily use cap? (till texas heat tries to kill me) Where is a good place to buy this material in the US? Thanks! Attached design for those interested. Cadding it up next.
  9. Yeah that's more or less the plan. But they are few and far between in the months long search. That said if anyone's going to get my money today it's the guy in Waco at maker leather supply. As you guessed I actually got ignored / still awaiting replies from many of the stores asking if they were open on a major shopping Holliday. Sorry it's 10-15 an hour to hire someone to sell 2k+ machines. I reserve the right to be frustrated and made to seem to be a bother to these shops. So I'll vote with my money. I like the Waco guy. He said he would open the shop just for me as he is near by. I like that but of course I'll come a other week as he's open Saturdays. Very different attitude. I think you all are spot on. It's about buying from someone you trust in person and offers good customer service. If I have to bend over backwards, deal with owners too busy to help me with such a massive purchase, I should go with the one that offered some level of accommodation. I mean if I'm having issues just buying, with cash in hand and a willingness to dive 6 hours and get a hotel.. why should I think they will offer better service when things break? We are talking about a machine that costs more than my mortgage. So Waco is the top contender but I didn't really want a cobra. But I'll check it out. I'll expand my search to Huston and forget about all Dallas stores. At which point I'll just buy a tech sew if I don't like my options. (saw that one in person, but the guy wanted 2k and couldn't keep his story straight. Machine was solid)
  10. The shipping is what gets me more than anything. I can't remember the last time I got customer support. Maybe 4 years ago when there was a defect with my ultimaker and I personally replaced the frayed heating element. There was that time I wrote a third the document for the most popular 3d printer circuit board because I was the first customer.. for example.. or reprogrammed a laser cutter to use that logic board.. Likely, with the engineer mindset I can research and fix anything. I am more concerned about mfg defects I can't fix myself. But I'm asking who's open for labor day. Yeah I just have my vacation days planned for the next 6 months for my lasik surgery and family.
  11. Oh that sounds like a sure killer deal! Though, in this case, the cost of a day off it just too premium. If I had a bunch saved up, but its a new job, and I plan to blow it all when I go in for minor surgery soon. (Frankly I tend to work weekends as it is...) The other factor is, ok I get there, I fall in love with it... I aint sure this is going to fit in my coup! So I'll be out that 350 shipping (and pay taxes for sure) But remember, the point isn't to spend time in Dallas. I honestly didn't like Dallas when I went there last year. Its to save money on shipping, and to see it in person.. If I have to get a Dallas hotel, and pay for gas, and my vacation dat.I'll just order the tech sew @.@ That said, the Waco store has me interested. I am not sure the pros and cons of Cobras and Cowboys. The frankly look like the same machines to me. Cowboys seems a smidgen better. Which means I like its paint more, or they have a better youtube budget, ie getting Stock & Barrel Co to do videos (he sure buys a lot of machines). Waco is near grandpa, and that store is open on weekends. So that might be my best bet That said. I can justify a Huston trip, as I haven't actually taken a weekend trip out there yet. Though everyone tells me not to bother... (something about the drivers and road warrior?)
  12. Yeah https://makersleathersupply.com/ Looks like a reseller. Oh oops Cobra, those are.. more or less the same in my brain. Saw the machine, its really solid. Though I did get the machine jammed for a moment when I came out of reverse too fast. Not sure if that is a bad sign or just operator error. He didnt really know how to use its advanced features, so I am not really sure all it can do, persay. No screen / controls which is fine. The air compressor is a downside, as I am in apartment life, and thats loud. Really cool guy too. What I am concerned, seeing all the computers and gizmos. If one of those fancy units goes out, will the machine stop working, and will I need to find a rare expensive part? Or if the machine needed a repair. Yikes.
  13. Okay, that is a fair point.. Maybe I am getting this offtrack with that bag. But it is good to have the expectation. So I will only buy one machine. Under the cry once pay once mentality, how do you think this compares to say, driving to Waco and buying a 2.2k cowboy ? Seems like a beast of a machine, but is it the right beast?
  14. I am not sure I could make a bag like this on that machine. I think it could do anything else, maybe.
  15. All good haha Juki LU-2212N-7 thoughts? Got one for 2k. Looks like a beast but it's a flat bed and a but more I want to pay if it's a flat bed. looks at videos. Holy crap that's a fancy machine. Im terrified of the costs to repair this thing.
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