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  1. Starwind0

    Getting into gators

    Hey I really am into making watch straps, mostly for myself at this point. I was thinking it would be fun to make something out of gator. I have looked before on ebay, and I didn't buy because I don't know what I don't know in terms of judging ebay gator leather. Is there a go to place in the US for exotics? I am also interested in other eotics like stingray (tandy always has them pained ghastly colors)
  2. It was more fun to shop there before. Now there are no strong price cuts, and the manager seems to have less power on the prices.
  3. Starwind0

    Overwhelmed by leather Sewing machines

    Honestly this one calls to me most, though I don't want all those bells and whistles I do need the table. The cylendar arm with a table attachment, and a wide work area is appealing, but without the beast of a machine that comes at 3.5k... more like the 2.2k version, that has a table and is a cylinder. You could convince me to get because it would be art in the apartment... but I am sure that is not the machine I want for doing small stuff. I will never make a saddle. Or sew 4 pieces. The Solar guy recommended one like this. But it just looks cramped and has no table. Doesn't really feel like it beats something like this Course I am not confident is techsew because I see just the one youtuber, while everyone else talks about Juki consew and cowboy. I thought they were a clone brand. I think if I saw it in person it would help me judge how big these machines really are. A screen is not great. Though Solar isn't open weekends, so even if I spent a weekend (that I very much don't have) I couldn't go up. Aye waiting for a local one might be the answer, even though I have been at it a month now.
  4. Starwind0

    Selling business

    Well you haven't said exactly what you have or what you want. Its kinda like a mystery grab bag :-) The exotics are of interest more than the business
  5. What do you have left? How much for all of them?
  6. Starwind0

    Selling business

    I don't think they want to sell as I can't even fathom what they want..
  7. Starwind0

    Overwhelmed by leather Sewing machines

    Yeah I am getting frustrated. Even if I wanted a random Juki or Consew, it looks like my options are dealing with mom n pop stores, and driving a day, stalking craigslist for 2 months and hope it works, or risk getting a counterfeit on ebay. That leaves me with just the cowboys and cobras as real options, but they don't quite hit the mark.
  8. Starwind0

    Overwhelmed by leather Sewing machines

    Haha well like 3d printers. You have the 200 dollar garbage kit to the tinker toys like the Dremel 3d printer, or the flashforge dreamers. (200 to 600) Them you have high end consumer printers like the Ultmaker 2+ extended like I have, the flash forge creator pros (have 2), etc etc which are in the 1-3k range. Then you get to the ultimaker s5, which is in the prosumer level and no one like me should every buy, they are like 6k. (3d printers are a bad example as true pro printer is 50k to millions) I want the Ultmaker2+, its older doesn't have the current top of the line garbage, but man that thing never has issues. Years later and its only needed one major maintenance. I need the sewing equivalent haha. Yeah, that would be hard for me. I think I leave Austin 2-3 times a year haha. I also have a sedan, so I wouldn't be able to get a machine in my car with a table, less it was really broken down. Well maybe.. But regardless, 6 hours driving just to check it out, 100+ bucks in gas, and a hotel room.. At that point I may as well give in and pay new, I hate to say :-(( That said I will see if there is any swing dance events, and maybe I can justify it...
  9. Starwind0

    Overwhelmed by leather Sewing machines

    True I mean, its just wood, I could make it myself fairly easily.
  10. Starwind0

    Overwhelmed by leather Sewing machines

    I went to a few stores that sold sewing machines, I didn't find any industrials. Do I need to look for a different kind of store? I seem to get recommended the consews the most. I do want to note, I see a few recommendations to do financing. The issue is more about how much I spend on something I do for fun. I seen this video But his machine is too professional for me. I just like that it has the flat bed attachment. 3.5k is just not happening. Also like I said I don't trust youtube recommendations haha. I'll look more into the ones you all posted, thanks guys!
  11. Hey ya'll. So I want my first leather sewing machine. I do leather working for fun. a ton of double sided straps and belts, wallets, and I want to make a few personal bags. I think i can justify a sewing machine if I can also use it for non leather goods, which is a topic that I do not see covered (or maybe its thats what "adjustable presser distance" means). In addition I live in apartments, and while my current place is sound proof I plan to move out in a few months Originally I had been stalking craigslist but I am not seeing a machine that is the right fit All I really know is I need 1) a band where I can get parts easily, and is reliable. 2) Easy to use... but I build 3d printers for fun so by easy I mean less likely to end up sewn to my leather. 3) If it is a cylinder arm, that it has a flat table adjustment... and 4) has a quite type of motor. I want to spend 800 if it was used and 1500ish if it was new. I don't think I could easily justify 2k as I can build a CNC for around that. Is there anything else I am missing? Suggestions ideas? I am just overwhelmed, and frankly sick of these obviously sponsored youtube videos. I know there are likely similar questions but I didn't see any talking about doing non leather as well. Thanks!