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  1. I recently got Landis D splitter completely disassembled, anyone here have a breakdown diagram or can tell me how to put it back together and adjust it
  2. Thanks for all the feed back I was gonna buy it to do wallet interiors and tool rolls knife sheaths. Hand cranking wouldn’t be an issue if I could find one. Didn’t get it yet.
  3. Cool so if I unroll and lay it flat all the WOWs and MOMs will go away. And add a little moisture to remove creases
  4. So rolled up and flattened a bit is normal. Thanks for all the help
  5. Received a shipment today. Just wondering if this is normal. If so, how to you straighten.
  6. Thanks Chrisash maybe I’ll should go check it out this weekend
  7. Thanks Ferg The guy is selling that one for one hundred and was hoping it would be enough to get my feet wet and grow with. Not looking to spend tons of cash since I’m still building up a tool set. Guess I’ll put sewing machine on back burner for now.
  8. Very new to leather craft and was wondering if this would be a good starter. What do I need to make this a good working machine. Thanks for any help
  9. Thanks for the help guess Ill keep practicing on scraps till I get it right
  10. I wanted to buy this wallet an for some reason the online store is not working anymore. So I decided to make the wallet. Ive tried to make the pocket section twice and it doesn’t come out right bulky bow in middle maybe I’m missing something. Thank you in advance
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