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  1. dougfergy I do have many other styles, this is just indicative to a normal build for what we do. Because the knives are all guarded, the cowl wraps around just above the guard at the choil for a nice secure hold. I'll have to dig through some pics to find an example for you
  2. ok steel pics, I wasn't sure on those as a noob so here are those models out pf the sheath
  3. So excited to be here! Thank you for letting this hoodlum in lol! Just wanted to post a pic of my work and give a light introduction. My husband is owner/maker at Vehement Knives and I do all of our custom leather goods! I've also done a few designs for Bark River Knives' sheath department! I am here to learn so any constructive criticism is accepted and encouraged! Thanks again!
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