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  1. I have a need for certain small leather items in the UK. I need them made with my leather which comes with a history. It's sound and clean and the items will be made under the title of meaningful leather which matches my meaningful metals pages. Things like card cases and key rings - such as key rings made from leather from 'cold war' Russian shell carriers. Unused and stored leather as you would expect as if it had been used we might not be here discussing this matter. You can see the start page on the 'meaningful leather' page of and my email is
  2. I need a supplier of certain small leather goods in the UK. I need items like business card cases made with my leather which is sound and clean but is from leather which has a story to tell maybe you could call it 'historic leather'. The leather is cut up to manageable pieces and is to extend my range of products marketed under the name 'historic metal'. Have a look at and you will see the start page with details of the origin of the leather.