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  1. Had to take my cylinder bed machine in to get it repaired. Wasn't too bad as far as what it cost. Really hit it off with the older guy. Said I should probably have another good machine for a backup, as the problem with the cylinder bed machine was at a pretty inopportune time. Asked if he had anything ......Weeellll, he says, I got a Singer 211 that I wouldn't mind parting with....been all through it, and its in new shape. Sat down to it....and ran some 8 oz leather thru it....was blown away as to how nice it performed. Came home with it. After he told me the price, he goes...oh wait, thats a 211G465......should have told you a couple hundred more, but I offered it at that price, so its yours if you want it. Its a German manufactured 211 with the big bobbins. Pretty much was a bargain based upon what I see for pricing across the country for used machines, some of questionable operation.This machine runs like new. No reverse, but that's not a showstopper. My chinese knockoff cylinder bed runs much better now after having him go thru it. Anybody have any opinions or 'look out fors' on the 211G465 that I should be aware of? Thanks Greg
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