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  1. I am open to discussing with you on this WhatsApp is ±254729318043
  2. Kippler75

    Hello from Nairobi,Kenya

    I found a site in China called Banggood that sells leather crafting tools.what do you think of them.methinks they are fair on pricing but don't know the quality.
  3. Kippler75

    Hello from Nairobi,Kenya

    Zuludog you really researched for and given me a head start.The resources and contacts you mentioned are invaluable.I am scouring the net and will update you.For the umpteenth time,thanks.
  4. Kippler75

    Hello from Nairobi,Kenya

    Thanks,waiting and looking forward to hearing from you when you get well.
  5. Thanks for your comments. I am looking for someone we could make men's belts and minimalist wallets,export them to USA and take advantage of duty free preference under Africa growth and opportunities act passed by Congress. Thanks.
  6. Kippler75

    Hello from Nairobi,Kenya

    I am new to this site. I work in Nairobi at an informal leather market called Kariokor which has an easy access to East Africa's leading tannery,Alpharama where you can get all sorts of leather sourced from abattoirs across East Africa at really low prices.Besides labour here is reasonable at around 4 USD for days work.what we lack is access to tools and equipment and leather crafting learning materials which I believe we will find , thanks to this great site.Any one willing to collaborate with us or give a cents worth of advice is highly b WhatsApp number is±254729318043. Thanks.
  7. Am new to this site and currently working in Nairobi Kenya at a leather crafting market by name Kariokor which operates informally but have an easy access to leather raw materials from East Africa's leading tannery,Alpharama.Labour here is cheap at around 4 USD for a days work.Looking for who would want to outsource work here and invest in tools and equipment from America which we lack is going to be mutually beneficial relationship. I am open to discussing the immense opportunities found here in Kenya.M y WhatsApp number is ±254729318043. Thanks.