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  1. Thanks for the replies, shoe soles makes sense, I should have mentioned it has a circular blade not a bell shape blade
  2. Ok sorry I did not realize this I will suggest the poster on the other other forum posts it here
  3. Hi all Does any one recognize this I thought it may be a strap cutter
  4. Looking for a pattern for a day sporran, I did a search although all the posts are old and none of the links work
  5. That Singer sight only sells domestic items, be aware that Singer is only a brand these days the Singer company has been gone for many years, if I were you I would look at the Cowboy sewing machines they are set specifically for leather use.
  6. china


    Price reduced $1999.00
  7. china


    For sale 45k new bench and motor no further use and I need the space $2299 ono I am in South Australia
  8. Yep the one on Ebay is what I am looking for I will contact and see if I can haggle, only problem is the shipping,
  9. Getting desperate will consider overseas sale depending on price and freight
  10. Hi I want to buy a used Fortuna style skiving machine does not have to be pretty jusy 100% working, Australia only. international postage would make it too expensive china
  11. Hi all I received an email stating that Paul Burnett had passed away, I find it interesting that there is no mention of this on the forum. Can anyone confirm this or have I been sent a malicous email china
  12. Hi all, A questian for those who are smarter than my self, I have 29k71 shoe patccher I am attempting to sew some cordura and canvas however when I attempt to sew at right angles across a previous seem it just stops feeding and caused the thread to bunch up, Ihave tried increasing and decreasing the foot pressure and just about everthing else taht is adjustable all to no avail. Is this just a limitation off the machine or am I doing something wrong, other than this the machine works fine
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