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  1. In the U. S. contact a local Fastenal store. I do not know about cost but they can pack and ship for you. https://www.fastenal.com/
  2. Shapleigh Hardware was in St. Louis, Mo until the great depression. A re-seller, not a manufacturer
  3. I mounted it so I can clamp it as needed, Oak with boiled linseed oil finish.
  4. Bought this vice tagged as a harness makers stitching vice. No markings and would like to know the age and maker for my records. The antique dealer had two others and not the build or quality. I will mount it to a board sort of like the stitching ponies. Thanks.
  5. veterinarian's tape for horses in red or green. Also used for a thumb guard wrap when wood carving so on each finger tip? check Tractor supply stores or farm stores. . yellow brass is copper and zinc mix.
  6. The price tag say's SHOEMAKER BEATING HAMMER.
  7. Thanks, I had not thought of auto body Planishing hammer to repair or metal fabrication, but shoe or saddle making. A web search shows that one side is shaped like a hand held panel beating "dolly", to form curves in metal. A dolly is a hand held cast iron shape.
  8. I looked at this this hammer several times and bought it. Not sure how the man got the name for it and not found online pictures of one. Possible faint stamp like s v g, heavy and the narrow side has a slight curve as does the round side. . any ideas maker, country, purpose?
  9. I like the style of the tools but every thing is in no English with no visible prices or shipping cost to the states. Any vendors in U S A?
  10. Antique shop find tagged as a leather working tool. No marking and could it be for edging or making laces, doesn't rotate? Possible maker and age? Thanks
  11. Looking thru the dirt, under rusty nails and junk I seen a ring. Pulled out the leather and brass horse harness heart. Lots of saddle soap and brass cleaner on his initials it has cleaned up nice. Not sure I will try to polish the brass balls? I call it a good save from a dump and will hang it up. He died in the mid 1960's so no telling the age. The next owner of the property will decide on what to dump.
  12. I do have some space in the pole barn but no need for it. We have Pennsylvania Dutch Amish in our area that use the horse and buggy and all farming by horses. as for the leather it may be good for knife sheaths or other as it was in a dry shed.
  13. the leather + a pack of wired together new shoe soles.
  14. Going thru an estate old shed, I found several pieces of 12 inch wide around I think 18 lb new leather from around 1960. He farmed with a team of horses and likely used it for repairs and it loosely rolled and very dusty dirty. I do not know if chrome or vegitaned. Besides an air hose and shop vac is their a proffered method of cleaning before using for craft projects? Their is also lots of old very dry and cracked harness belts and horse collars that has seen many years of rain and such and rusty buckles etc.. Is their an interest in saving anything like for patterns etc. as the next owner will likely dump all of it?
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