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  1. Consew 4 pin plug, needle position sensor, and all mounting hardware COMPLETE. This one came cracked and could be superglued together or used as is, I OPENED IT AND NO INTERNAL DAMAGE,. Iinstalled it and it works but I exchanged it out for new. Normal cost $30-35 plus $10-12 UPS shipping, get a deal $25 shipped to your door in cont USA. pmt by paypal same day shipping pmt arrives.
  2. I use a single edge razor blade and lay it flat on the leather then rock it back and forth while pushing into the glue.
  3. You may want to research what that vape is doing to you or just post your location for the yard sale when it finishes you off. I wii bid $250 for that Juki when all your stuff goes on sale....................... after thinking it over I will bid $275, I want to be fair to your family.
  4. As above man stated 1508 is middle of range then 441. Google the full machine model numbers and various deals will pop up having them. Get the range of prices from the dealers and you have a basis for a starting point. Search both craigslist and ebay they pop up every now and then. Have a local service person ready to service it when it arrives. Know what you will pay and jump when one shows up, be ready to make minor repairs and be aware these machines are expensive to buy parts for, some taking 4-5 weeks to arrive from japan. So just bite the bullet when a part is missing and needed, when you sell it will pay you back.
  5. Sale pending just awaiting funds transfer. thanks
  6. I would like to trade for 10-15 of these needles. I have GB 794s 180/24s in H and D and 794s 230/26 in H I would like to trade for them.
  7. You might want to look up the local traveling repair men/women, pay an hour of their time, then ask them for leads on used equipment for sale, that they service, you will save $$$ and get good advice.
  8. Try to go to a Juki dealer and let them show you the differences between the "real deals" and clones....the side by side differences will amaze you. Buy used if necessary to get the machine(s) needed, and remember the "real deals" rarely if ever wear out....
  9. I have used this motor for about 1 hr and I have to go to another model with the NPS controller sensor setup motor or I would keep it, so I am selling at a large loss. One Complete Premium 550 watt 110 volt servo motor, all cables, pedal linkaqe, and factory onoff switches. Plus a couple of extra wire ties (tell me how many up to 5). Normal cost $120 + $ 35 shipping total $155 so I figure $90 shipped to your door FedEx ground in Cont USA is a bargain. Outside US contact for shipping cost. going on ebay Fri 10/25
  10. I am looking to get some touch up paint for a JUKI TSC441U in the US. Anyone know where I could buy matching paint , light tan/beige model. Thanks
  11. I could take a pic of back of machine showing how I had to modify the KB205 if anyone wants to see it.
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