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  1. Thank you everyone for the input! The guy I did it for is an old, good family friend and liked the way this particular belt closed (not a buckle and hole, but a loop.) He used it mainly for working around the house and just needed it a little longer. I ended up cutting it towards the end where the tail would cover it. I found leather of the same length and cut it to size. I skived the ends and glued it to the old belt. I then sewed the skived parts together so they wouldn't peel apart. Leather work is just a hobby to me so I didn't charge him anything. I also oiled the belt and extension and re-beveled the edges to make it smooth. I love the idea of the name plate over the added piece! Thank you.
  2. Hello all, I have a customer that dropped a belt off for me to extend 6-8". The question is, he doesn't want it to bulky. Is it best to do a straight cut and skive the ends of the belt and extension pieces to glue together? The belt is pretty plain and has no stitching or tooling. Also, is there a good method to try and match the dye? The belt is old and has some scuffs and scrapes on it. (He doesn't mind that it'll have a new piece inserted, I just want it to match dye) Thank you, Aspen. Whispering Sage Leather
  3. Thank you. I’ve have already looked there and fear that the design is slightly too small for what I am looking for. I may get it and see if I can scale it up. thank you.
  4. Hi, I know this is an old thread but any chance I could also get the pattern? My mom wants one of these for her birthday in a couple months. Thank you! Aspen. akj_rezziemia@hotmail.com
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